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A Note From B'Khush: It's a great initiative taken by the well known Television personality Vinta Nanda. Please go through the article to see when, how and how it all happened. Thanks to Ms. Nanda for sharing this beautiful piece with us

Song of the Week (Tum Jo Aye)

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Our Song of the week is "Tum Jo Aye" from the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mumbai"
Rahat Ali does a wonderful job again.

Hangovers Vs Health

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"It may feel good now...but there will be a price to pay later"

Cut The Crap

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It is an absolute pleasure to inform our readers  that the  Indian Television icon, Vinta Nanda has agreed to share her brilliant writeups with B'Khush. Enjoy this article by Vinta where she has beautifully expressed her views about the so called "Censorship" fiasco of the Indian Television.

In Conversation With Onir

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 It was our pleasure talking to Onirban better known as Onir, one of the most talented film directors of India. His movies talks about real lives and real issues that a common man faces everyday. His movies are far from the typical Bollywood masala flicks and the usual frills and fancies yet enthralls the audience with ease.
In this interview Onir talks about his forthcoming venture "I Am" and much more...

Movie Review - Inception

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Carrot Facial Mask

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In Conversation With Suraj Jagan

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Suraj Jagan is the name which has created ripples in the music industry of Bollywood. He is one of the most talented and versatile singers of recent times. His versatality ranges from hard core rock numbers like "Zahareeley" to a very emotional "Give me Some Sunshine" to his latest sweet romantic song"SadkaKiya". 

Most probably it's the rock backgoround  that gives his voice the raw touch making his renditions so magical.

Enjoy this exclusive interview where Suraj talks about some interesting facts about his musical journey so far...

Sadka Kiya- Song of the Week from I Hate Luv Stories

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God Bless America - Happy Independence Day

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