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Love imprinted - "Diwali ~ A season of mellow fruitfulness"

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Diwali ~ A season of mellow fruitfulness

Love imprinted - "The Festive Fashion"

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“Why are you crying?” I asked him.

“I don’t have a single new cloth for the Durga Pujo. Look at my shirt! So shabby, so grey. Will you ask 

Mom to buy me a new shirt if I behave?

“Of course I will. But first stop crying.”

It took him time to stop. My t-shirt soaked the large droplets of his tears. I promised to tell his mom that he wanted new clothes for Pujo.

As I ran down the stairs from the terrace, I asked him, “Any colour preference?”

Love imprinted - "Amar Chitra Kantha"

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Amar Chitra Kantha....

Love imprinted - "Fabric-ated Dreams"

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Fabric-ated dreams .....

Love Imprinted - "of Festivities and Homelovingness"

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Durga Puja is just one and a half months away.

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