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Looking for talents to feature in the upcoming movie – Shaterred Freedom!

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 Shah Perrally Productions presents it’s first motion picture based on a true story. Shattered freedom is  the tale of a young woman’s dream to marry an American man only to find that he’s a monster.  The story is a hard hitting topic that echoes the sentiments of today’s abused women and the pain immigrants regarding abusive situations and their path to citizenship.

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This week we are going  talk about Debt Settlement and some of the issues related to problems of overusing credit cards – “7 Misakes made by consumers regarding credit cards”.  Many people are so overwhelmed with debts, that they feel trapped by the system.  A system, which they believe, to be totally beyond their control.  Fortunately you might

Immigration Interview Tips

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Shah Peerally Law Group PC 
 The immigration interview process can be a rather daunting experience for many clients. Therefore it’s very understandable if you’re anxious about your interview because the decision made by a sole officer can potentially have a huge impact on your future.

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Do not miss our law show on Tuesday from 11am to 12pm. This week we are going discuss on the first half hour about family based petitions in immigration more specifically marriage petitions and how USCIS handles a marriage interview. Why it is important that a licensed attorney to assist you in the petition. On the other half hour we will discuss about Debt Settlement and some of the issues related to collection agencies. You can call live on 855 772 8278.

Host: Attoney Shah Peerally
Time: 11 AM to 12 PM
Venue: KLOK 1170AM or

Selecting the Right Immigration Lawyer

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By Hasan Abdullah

Immigration Law Firm:

Choosing the right immigration law firm is critically important, and a decision that can not be taken lightly. With so much variety in quality in this field of practice, you need to be highly selective. Ideally, you will want to retain a law firm that possess the following characteristics:

Listen to the Shah Peerally Law Show live on 1170AM Radio on Tuesday from 11am to 12pm

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Shah Peerally Law Group PC is proud to bring you the Shah Peerally Law Show every week on Tuesday from 11am to 12pm and Friday 11pm to 1am (Pacific Standard Time).  Attorney Shah Peerally will discuss important immigration issues such as H1B issues, Student visas, Family visas, Marriage Petitions, Asylums, Green Card through Employment, and so on.  You are invited to call live on (855) 772  8278 and attorney Shah Peerally will answer your question.

Debts are Causing Major Stress in Our Society!

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What is a TN Visa and Who Qualifies?

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By Attorney Hasan Abdullah
Shah Peerally Law Group Pc

TN stands for "Trade NAFTA." A TN visa allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the Unites States in certain professional occupations. Eligibility is met when i) the job offered is one of the professional occupations listed in NAFTA Chapter 16, Annex 103, Appendix 1602.d.1, ii) that the job is "temporary," and ii) the worker meets the educational and/or licensing requirements for the job.

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