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Healthy Bites - Tandoori Salmon

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Tandoori Salmon

Healthy Bites - Stuffed Sweet Peppers

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A big hello to all the readers of B’Khush Women. Thank you for stopping by at my Column. Today I am bringing another healthy appetizer for you. Just skip the cheese if you like, it will still be as delicious. We are making some stuffed sweet peppers today. They look very pretty and is sure to please all your guests. So without wasting anymore time, let’s make some delightful appetizers. 


Healthy Bites : Cucumber & Hummus Roll Ups

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Today I would like to share a very quick and healthy appetizer with all of you. We all like to munch on vegetables with hummus but they way you present it makes all the difference. These roll ups make for great presentation and are super easy and quick and of course very healthy. Do give this a try and impress your guests.


Healthy Bites: Oats and Chia Seeds Crackers

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A big hello to all the readers of B’khush Women. Thanks for stopping by at my column where we cook together some delicious and healthy treat each month. Today we are making some Oats & Chia Seeds crackers. I have been trying to incorporate some oats delicacies in my cuisine these days and have made some yummy oats idlis, dosa, porridge etc. Oats help in lowering cholesterol and have tremendous health benefits for people with heart disease and diabetes. But eating that same old oats and milk every day can get boring.

Healthy Bites : "Cauliflower Crust Pizza"

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Healthy Bites - "Avocado Kebabs"

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Hello again everyone. I am so happy you have stopped by to try out another healthy dish from my kitchen. For today’s post, I am sharing some Avocado Kebabs or you may call them burgers. They taste just as good with chutney or as between buns.

Avocado is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. It is a good source of heart healthy mono saturated fats believed to lower the cholesterol. One of the most common uses of avocado is in making guacamole but it can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies as well as in cakes and pudding.

Healthy Bites - Chocolate and Chia Seeds Pudding

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Chocolate and Chia Seeds Pudding..A healthy, sugar free delight


Healthy Bites - "Tofu Tikka'

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