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TGI Friday....:)

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It's almost 11 o'clock at night in this part of the world. A day of running errands around the house and after an about-to-be toddler can become real deal sometimes...I'm sure many of us here will agree. So this is the time I get to read, write and feed my mind, when the 'keeping busy' characters are done for the to sleep..!!

I am quite enjoying this me time on a Friday night, when there's no real tug at the mind to be in bed by now...when the warning of a next busy day is spared (oh how I love weekends...). So here I am.. reading, blogging...surfing the web world.

'Intimacy' - Hanif Kureishi

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"It is the saddest night, for I am leaving and not coming back."...Thus begins 'Intimacy' by Hanif Kureishi which tells the story of Jay, a middle aged writer who is about to leave his partner of 10 years, Susan and their two sons and going to live temporarily with his friend Victor. The novel describes the state of Jay's mind the night before he decides to leave his family for good. Jay tries to justify his decision and also reflects his life with Susan and the sons. The small details of his family and his likes and dislikes towards its members gets zeroed in on this narrative.

The Glass Bowl

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On my last vacation to India with my 5-month old son, my mother gave a glass bowl from her crockery trove. The reason I write about this apparently trivial object is because this particular bowl is almost my age (it is from the time when I was a baby just started to have rice cereal from a bowl)...i.e., nearing thirty.

Of Meetings and Meeting Again..

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Year 2011 passed by hurriedly, busy with the role of a new mom and my love of reading quite unintentionally ignored...I read very little, of which the book that was the most interesting was one by Anita Shreve, “The Last Time They Met’'.

The book narrates a story of two lovers, who meets after many years, under unusual circumstances but with overwhelming love for each other. The novel flashes back in time in a very intriguing fashion, recording the chance encounters of the protagonists at the age of fifty-two, twenty-six and seventeen, in the same order…

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