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Love imprinted - "The Festive Fashion"

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“Why are you crying?” I asked him.

“I don’t have a single new cloth for the Durga Pujo. Look at my shirt! So shabby, so grey. Will you ask 

Mom to buy me a new shirt if I behave?

“Of course I will. But first stop crying.”

It took him time to stop. My t-shirt soaked the large droplets of his tears. I promised to tell his mom that he wanted new clothes for Pujo.

As I ran down the stairs from the terrace, I asked him, “Any colour preference?”

Love imprinted - "Amar Chitra Kantha"

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Amar Chitra Kantha....

Love imprinted - "Fabric-ated Dreams"

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Fabric-ated dreams .....

Doing the Sporty Chic Trend - The Chic Way!

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So I know 'sporty chic' is the trend of the season, but what does 'sporty chic' really mean..

Does sporty chic mean we can now go from gym to work without needing a change?
Liberating as it may sound stinky and sweaty can never be chic.
Sneakers to work?

What to wear to an Indian Wedding

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Draped Jacket or Blanket Coat

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Winter is almost here and its time to start layering on the trends from fashion weeks from across the globe. One of the biggest Fall Winter trends (and my favourite) is the draped jacket or the blanket coat, that has made its presence felt on all the major runways, from Burberry to Etro, to Roberto Cavelli. The lack of form and structure allow the jacket to drape itself around the wearers body, making it versatile and flattering for most.

Dhoti Pants - A Hot Fashion Trend

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Restrictions really do bring out our best forcing the creativity and innovations out. Take this for example, I banned myself from wearing jeans all summer long and this self imposed ban helped me explore the otherwise ignored bits of my wardrobe. I got experimental with my pairings and even got my tailor to get creative and stitch up some cool and comfy substitutes for those denims. I enjoyed the process so much that even though we are well into the monsoons, I just cannot get back to my denims.


Love Imprinted - "of Festivities and Homelovingness"

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Durga Puja is just one and a half months away.

How to wear a Maxi Skirt

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How to wear a maxi skirt was a question often on my mind and it even caused a few sleepless nights because having tried this trend a couple of times and failing miserably at it I decided wearing maxi skirts was not for me. But each time I looked at those fabulous pinterest maxi skirt pins my heart would pine for anything maxi length too..Id tell myself “maxi skirts are not for the ‘not so tall’”, but my heart refused to listen.

Anarkali Kurta and Orange Bar

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Anarkali Kurta and ice creams..

I have had a very indulgent summer, no really I have, and my all time favourite indulgence has been ice cream. I have had them in all shape, sizes colours and flavours but my favourite has always always been the orange bar.
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