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Love imprinted...

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B'Khush introduces a new column by Parama Ghosh. This column will include some random happy things jotted down by Parama. Ranging from DIY ideas, home decor ideas, fashion and food. In short, this column will make you smile for sure. smiley


Wear your Kurta in Style!

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"Kurta Fashion", "Indian Fashion" and "Bollywood Fashion" to me, are synonymous with each other.

The Mama Fashionista - "Keep your style up in pregnancy"

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B'Khush introduces a new column "Mama Fashionista" by Dhanya Nair. 


Be Beautiful with Mi Amor...

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"Travelled all across the world,
Seen a lot of fancy things,
But I never seen a beauty quite like this,
This must be a dream!"...


Mi Amor...

A Tete a Tete with the founder of this beautiful design line :

The chronicle of a bohemian skirt

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Work-wear And Dad I Love You...

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As a young girl, I would watch my father diligently ironing his army uniform, polishing his boots and all the shiny golden insignia - he did it with such pride and joy, that it rubbed off on us, we too really enjoyed shining our schools shoes and making sure each pleat on our school skirt was perfectly in place. Dad did this every morning, put his hat on, picked up his briefcase, kick started his blue bajaj scooter and off he went to the army hospital. The briefcase, ahhh lets talk about it for a moment..

B'Khush Style Hunt - Sula Fest2014

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The most awaited Gourmet music festival SulaFest  in its 7th edition was back on on Feb 1st and 2nd 2014. This year, festival goers enjoyed a great mix of music, wine, food, fashion and shopping in the idyllic environment of the winery’s beautiful open-air, Greek-style amphitheater.

Shoes : The Must Have List

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"A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes", whoever said that must have been one smart woman or one brilliant man.

There is heel size, colour, embellishments, round toe, pointed toe, peep toe, ankle straps, heel style...the permutations and combinations can create an endless set to choose from. Add to this simple mathematical calculation some chemistry and psychology - the need to always be ahead of the trends - its Kim Kardashian's studded ones one day and Kalki's nerdy Oxfords the next, the pressures are endless.

What To Wear For An Indian Wedding

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 New Years is over, but the Indian wedding season is in full swing, so the celebrations are still on, just the attire is a little different. The riotous colours, the fragrant flowers, the sacred fire, vermilion hues, vintage jewels and decorated venues..Indian weddings are so much more than just a meeting of two hearts. In this post I continue the tradition of featuring guests that visit my home, on blog. Milli and Avni, are sisters and soul mates, they fight like sisters but their love for each other far surpasses any negativity that a tiff can cause. Born and brought up in L.A.

Every Day Makeup for Dummies

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"Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the prettiest of them all?"

There is a pretty girl inside each one of us..
Sometimes she is shy, sometimes she is scared, sometimes she feels intimidated and at other she feels ignored and hides.

There is a pretty girl inside each one of us..
Sometimes she needs a little encouragement, sometimes a compliment, sometimes a warm smile and at others just a little magic..

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