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Love imprinted - "Amar Chitra Kantha"

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Amar Chitra Kantha....

Love imprinted - "Fabric-ated Dreams"

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Fabric-ated dreams .....

Doing the Sporty Chic Trend - The Chic Way!

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So I know 'sporty chic' is the trend of the season, but what does 'sporty chic' really mean..

Does sporty chic mean we can now go from gym to work without needing a change?
Liberating as it may sound stinky and sweaty can never be chic.
Sneakers to work?

Love imprinted...

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B'Khush introduces a new column by Parama Ghosh. This column will include some random happy things jotted down by Parama. Ranging from DIY ideas, home decor ideas, fashion and food. In short, this column will make you smile for sure. smiley


How to wear a Maxi Skirt

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How to wear a maxi skirt was a question often on my mind and it even caused a few sleepless nights because having tried this trend a couple of times and failing miserably at it I decided wearing maxi skirts was not for me. But each time I looked at those fabulous pinterest maxi skirt pins my heart would pine for anything maxi length too..Id tell myself “maxi skirts are not for the ‘not so tall’”, but my heart refused to listen.

Anarkali Kurta and Orange Bar

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Anarkali Kurta and ice creams..

I have had a very indulgent summer, no really I have, and my all time favourite indulgence has been ice cream. I have had them in all shape, sizes colours and flavours but my favourite has always always been the orange bar.

Wear your Kurta in Style!

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"Kurta Fashion", "Indian Fashion" and "Bollywood Fashion" to me, are synonymous with each other.

The Mama Fashionista - "Keep your style up in pregnancy"

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B'Khush introduces a new column "Mama Fashionista" by Dhanya Nair. 


Be Beautiful with Mi Amor...

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"Travelled all across the world,
Seen a lot of fancy things,
But I never seen a beauty quite like this,
This must be a dream!"...


Mi Amor...

A Tete a Tete with the founder of this beautiful design line :

The chronicle of a bohemian skirt

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