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"Cinema is a Window to a Better World" - Onir

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 In conversation with Onir, the 59th National Award winning director of the critically acclaimed, I AM. Nishi Roy of B'Khush  explores the director’s journey thus far and shares what next is in store for the viewers.

How has life and work changed post the National Award?

Onir: Life has been hectic. The phone has not stopped ringing ever since the news came out. The last few days have been a whirlwind of interviews and travel. It has taken me a while to let the news sink in. It is amazing and humbling how the smallest budget movie of 2011, won the country’s highest honour. It is a source of collective happiness of the entire cast and crew, who believed in the movie. I AM is different not only in terms of its content, but also the way it was produced. I had completely forgotten about the awards nomination etc, and was not following it up, so when they were announced, I was completely overwhelmed.

In a Conversation With Advaita Kala

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 Advaita Kala, the literary creator of the hugely successful "Kahaani"- in an exclusive conversation with Nishi Roy from  B'khush . Read on to know more about what motivates and inspires Kala. 
The stupendous reaction to your creation, Vidya Bagchi, how does it make you feel? How much of you is there in her?
 AdvaitaVery gratified that people found her believable and relatable. It’s a bit of a private endeavour for me – creating female characters that are in some way representative of women. Also the idea of pregnancy, vulnerability, strength not using her as a honey trap..these were things that were central to me when I wrote her. There are always bits of me in all the characters I write and stories I tell, so its not just Vidya Bagchi but also Aisha Bhatia (my novel Almost Single) who has some of me in her.

From Jinx to a Touchstone

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 If one follows Vidya Balan’s journey from her days of Hum Paanch to her current celluloid offering Kahaani, one can safely say it is been a roller-coaster ride of sorts.
 Initial years of rejection, where she was even labelled as a jinx and replaced in close to 11 Malyalam movies, success in the form of a National award for Dirty Picture has certainly not come easy. Vidya with her grit proves that it requires immense self confidence and dogged dedication to withstand early rejections and movie role replacements for not being good looking.  

A "Kahaani" Not to be Missed

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Pura Review - Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

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 Ever since Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu released, all I seem to be reading are replica reviews that call it a “coming of age” film. Basically, this is a new genre formed by the critics which our filmmakers are trying to take undue advantage of; better known as a fad. And the one filmmaker who is literally cashing out on this trend is none other than Karan Johar.

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu - The First Look

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Some are saying "Again a copied story from Hollywood" and some said "Total rubbish" these are comments from audience after they saw the first look of Dharma Production's Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.

To Watch or Not to Watch "Ra One"

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"Ra One is Shahrukh Khan's most ambitious project" yeah we all have heard that maybe a million times or more in the last year. Yes atlast the wait is over and  Ra One is out! Pheww! Film critic Taran Adarsh has given it a 4.5 rating, but then again its Taran Adarsh! taking his past reputation into consideration we can't afford to believe him totally.

Shattered Freedom-A Movie Preview

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A Tale about abused immigrants

A Junglee, A Prince, A Legend : Shammi Kapoor

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When my father, the most diehard Shammi Kapoor fan, would get the letter 'Y' during our weekly rounds of antarkshari, it was by default that he would sing the iconic words "Yahooooo!!!" Ek dum tashan mein. It was via Dad that I learned to love Shammi Kapoor and all things retro Bollywood. His demise today made my heart sink. Not only did Shammi Kapoor bring the screen to life, he managed to be the glue that kept Dad and I close to old school Hindi cinema.

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