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thank God I am am no celebrity !!!!!!

Feeling good and looking "put together" is important to me, but having a dashboard stomach,a Jlo-butt, super toned arms n legs...well that's something I like dreaming see, since dreams are not real,they give you the pleasure of wishing a miracle...and I would like to keep them just that.... a dream, because I am convinced (MAYBE...curtsey my super lazy self) the reality won't be as wonderful as the dream :-) I shudder to think the long hours they spend working hard on their body, the yumyum foods they have to give up, the agony of being scrutinized and talked and trashed about with the slightest hint of a lump/bump/jiggle !!!! That must be nightmarish !!!! Also where is the time????? They are in the show business they just work their part...looking picture perfect is a part of their job...not for common people like us who spent the most part of the day taking care of others and does not have the time or mentality to be self obsessed. So no, I am so not into this size-zero fad.


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