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Art That Adds Drama To The Face

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 Body art helps one look stunning with vivacious colours and trendy, chic designs adding instant beauty to the whole look.  
 Body and beauty art varies from face, lips, nails and much more. Eyes are something that always enhances your look. There lies a peculiar drama with great eyes. Some get inspired by nature, while some like to give a classic or gothic look to the eyes, whereas others prefer keeping it simple.

Talking of colour, lips are the most sensual feature and a perfect pout is always sought after. It makes our face go glam with colour and style. The real ‘lipstick affair’ is hardly seen now-a-days, especially with clear lip-gloss being in vogue.

Actor June Maliah shares, "Eyes and lips are something that attract all eyes, especially when coloured perfectly. I prefer highlighting my lips which gives a sensual essence."

Celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali says, "Eyes are the windows to ones soul. I like defining my eyes with an eye-liner, without it I feel bare, dull and somewhat naked. It's something that adds drama to your appearance and I have been doing since very long as I can remember."

Kolkata-based model Jessica says, "I always prefer playing with my eyes, infact I think most women deck-up their eyes for the reason that perfectly done eyes grab instant attention. I work a lot and take my own time to deck my eyes with proper care. I use a thick kajal and mascara which I think is enough to create wonders with our eyes. This with a nude lip-gloss is a perfect face for all the occasions."

Kolkata-based Rajat of makeup artist duo Kaushik-Rajat, says that the idea of beauty and body art is extensive, and can be used for face, lips, nails, eyes and more. "I feel eyes are the best feature to play up with trendy colours. There are many ways to create drama with eyes, as they speak words and spread your body language along with the personality. The coolest eyes shine and lot of volume mascara in the midst of natural light colours like orange and pink blush makes the face lift-up. A simple makeover with thick lash is the ultimate eye art, and goes well with little messy hair style," he says.

Talking about body art of various celebs, he adds saying, "I think Madhuri Dixit is an ideal face, she always prefers highlighting her lips. She has oval face with beautiful cheek bones, lips and eyes; her million dollar smile is to die for. Also, Lara Dutta has a very toned and elegant style and mostly highlights her eyes with volume mascara but simple and chic lips. Deepika Padukone has a very smart and confident makeup with neutral lip gloss and thick lashes. She also does her nails very well, creating drama." 
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