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Bare All Tell All

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Women sans clothing can work miracles. Why, even the mere promise of such a possibility has brought back a Cup that was eluding us for the last 28 years.  A certain Ms Pandey promised to strip for Team India if it brought home the trophy and look how well it worked.  Sehwag was not too keen so he promptly got out in the second ball of the opening over.  But look how Gambhir, Dhoni and Yuvraj took the bait and sent the Lankans packing to the Island of Serendipity.  Poonam’s dreams are now stuck in red tape and the men in blue are busy looking for a time and place (preferably Paris) where the lady can strip to boost their sporting spirit

Please don’t smirk at Ms Pandey and dismiss her as yet another publicity seeking hound.  She is the rare one who thinks before she strips and has been catching up on her reading (not the hoi polloi variety like Chetan Bhagat) to give interesting sound bytes.  The lady is now quoting verbatim from the many studies conducted by various universities abroad.  Such performances boost and inspire people to perform better in any field, be it sports or otherwise. Even books on psychology confirm this.  Amen to that.  Does it mean board meetings will have pole dancers now?  Will underperformers now be subjected to a torturous session at a strip club to boost their sagging spirits!  Damn! Shirking was never such fun
Ms Pandey has company.  There’s another woman who takes the business of stripping rather seriously - meet Sarah White, a New York based therapist who specializes in naked therapy. Feeling down? How about a little nude therapy to perk you up? New York's Ms White is a therapist who has taken the term “baring all” to new heights.  You talk to her and bare your deepest and most personal thoughts and she takes her shirt off.  Such fun!  The therapist with a difference told the New York Daily News that her nude therapy sessions are encouraged to get men – who normally shy away from therapy – to open up.  Err but isn’t it Ms Sarah who’s doing all the opening up?

But not all men approve of women wearing too little or nothing at all.  Especially a policeman in far off Toronto who thinks a woman’s provocative dressing is an invitation to rape.  And what a fitting reply he gets.  1 000’s of young women came out on the streets of Toronto to participate in possibly the world’s first ever slut walk.  Condemning the insensitive remark a protester said “the most respectful, powerful woman can be downgraded to nothing because of what she’s wearing”.  Protest organizer Jeanette Janzen further added that the slut walk is aimed to condemn the long held belief that a woman’s way of dressing ‘makes you a target’.  True, a girl bares her legs not because she wants you to gawk at her, for her it is simply a way of asserting her freedom – respect that and don’t ruin it for her by behaving like an animal.

I wonder how Sedighi is reacting to this.  Remember him, the Iranian cleric who said “Women who dress immodestly are capable of increasing earthquakes” and how women came out in droves in cleavage baring dresses to participate in “Boobquake Day”?
Do you think Poonam Pandey may have caused the tectonic plates to do a little jiggy wiggy of their own in sheer joy?  After all most of North India did tremble after the Indo-Nepal border was rocked by a moderate intensity quake, this Monday.  Is BCCI’s dithering tactics just a ploy to save our lives?  Do you think Shiv Sena is threatening her for the sake of quakes?  For a change, the Nation can thank the ever zealous Sainiks for averting a catastrophe.
And I couldn’t miss the irony of Yahoo India’s April 5 headlines....Poonam Pandey says have patience will strip soon placed next to Sai Baba critical. Poonam, please keep your clothes on.

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