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For you I'll catch a shooting star
in the palm of my hand,
I'll rob the sun of it's sparkling beams,
when morning awakens the land.
I'll paint your portrait
on the walls of my heart
with colors of dreams
that never fade,
I'll capture the melody of falling rain
to give you a song sweeter
than the sweetest music ever played.
I'll bottle the fragrance
of wild roses glistening with dew,
And spray it on the firmament,
bathed in twilight's purple hue.
Coz that's where I'll ink your name
for the world to see,
the way you lighten my burdens
and the joys you shower on me.
More precious than sequins on velvet,
or jewels on gold
manifesting the finest form of art,
The love I profess to you
is adorned to perfection,
with every beat of my heart.

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Very very nice and heart warming Shireen !!

Look forward to more !


Thank you so much


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