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Best Out Of Waste

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Let's make the best of the waste. It is not a rocket science. Just few simple ideas and you will do a favor to the planet.

1. The plastic shopping bags they hand over in the US cannot be eco friendly. But since one has them anyways, you could use them as dustbin liners in the house thus saving on trash bags too. Also, while preparing vegetables for cooking, like cutting and scraping them, I keep a plastic bag close by and chuck all the wastage into them directly and discard the whole bag later. This way, the counter top is at once clean and the wastage disposed. Of course, composting the veggie wastage is the best solution if one is into gardening. You could cut these bags into small strips and make a yarn out of it and crochet “n” number of pretty stuffs.
2. If you save shoe boxes they come in handy for organizing & storing various things like greeting cards, photos etc.
3. Old cotton sarees or dupattas can be made into door mats. Just cut the saree on the long side in three parts. Stitch together at one end tightly. Then plait it. Fasten the end too with thread. Then tightly roll it in circular or oval shape, and stitch with sack needle and thick thread, as you go rolling. Finally stitch the end in place. This will look colorful too.
4. You can use a clean small dish washing liquid bottle to store oil for diya in your pooja room. This helps in preventing oil from spilling when you add it to lamps and you can also add oil in small quantities (ie.drop by drop) a similar clean bigger bottle or a ketchup or mayo bottle could be use for storing oil for cooking. This will ensure that you use less oil for many dishes.
5. Plastic carry out boxes can be cleaned thoroughly and used to store stuff in your kitchen cabinet or could be used to give away leftovers to your friends after a potluck or a Friday party.
6. Old white or light colored dupattas can be embroidered and used as curtains. You could stitch a skirt for your dear daughter by mix matching different color dupattas or sarees.
7.Chocolate wrapper, gift wrappers, milk carton cap, glossy calenders,old cd's,small soaps from a hotel stay during vacation could be used for many craft items for decorating your home.
8. Ice cream and yogurt plastic boxes can be used for organizing stuff in  the fridge or kitchen cabinet
. 9. The wire or the plastic holder which comes along with the bread loaf can be stored as used as a bag clip.
10. Old nail polish can be used to decorate old photo frames.
11. Lemon skin can be run through the kitchen in –sink disposal. This prevents bad odor in your kitchen. It could be used to clean the pressure cooker.just pop the lemon skin at the bottom of the cooker and cook the stuffs that needs to be cooked.
12.Lemon and orange peels could be used after dying as homemade skin products.

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Good ideas, thanks!

Good ideas, thanks!

Kamalika Sen



good tips.. :)

Gud tips..
Thanks for sharing


Newspapers can be used to

Newspapers can be used to make coloured papers via Fevicol

not innovative

not innovative


poor ideas,try again

shebin philip

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