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Blame Suri! Parents Mad Over Stores Selling Mini High Heels!

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 Look at what you’ve done Suri Cruise!!!
Parents groups have their panties in a wad at retailers like Gap KidsAsda and Next for selling high heel shoes to girls as young as 3 years old.

Now online parenting group Mumsnet has launched a campaign called Let Girls Be Girls that asks retailers to sign a pledge to not sell anything that will prematurely sexualize children.
One member of the group says of the shoes:

“Some of the shoes I have seen on sale look more suited to a lap-dancing club than the feet of a young girl. The items in question are prematurely sexualising young children. We are saying to retailers, ‘Have a look at your range and ask yourselves if these items are appropriate.’ “

A lap-dancing club? That’s a bit of a stretch!
But retailers are quick to fight back. A Next spokesperson said the shoes popularity “suggests many parents agree we’ve come up with a look that’s special without seeming inappropriately grown up” while GapKids maintains their heels have been tested and are proven safe.
What do U think? Are the shoes inappropriate for little girls???
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Oh this is an issue

Samadrita's picture

Oh this is an issue alright.
My 3 year-old cousin has already reached the stage where he tells his mum to take out a particular pair of pants or a tee from the wardrobe for him to wear to school.
It's not only about parents...these days intense brand marketing and prevalent fashion trends are urging children to be aware of the way they look.

P.S: Suri Cruise isn't very cute is she? XD

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