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Bollywood Divas in Diwali Attires

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The B'town was dazzling bright with the "diyas" and ofcourse with the glittering divas at the diwali night.Below are some pictures from the various diwali parties held in Mumbai The B' towners looked gorgeous in their diwali outfits. Check them out and tell us who according to you looked  the Best??

Shilpa and Shamita with Mom


 Malaika Arora

 Kareena Kapoor

 Diya Mirza

 Suzanne with hubby Hrithik Roshan

 Amisha Patel

Minisha Lamba
Image Source : Filmicafe

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Atleast Amisha should learn how to wear sari..

amisha looks horrible !

i swear , why is she even putting on a pallu, he he, on the other hand , bebo and minisha look stunning !

cool pics

drpratibha's picture

Karina and Manisha Lamba looks great and agreed with above commenters that Amisha looks PATHETIC.

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