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The Changing Face of Education

Change is the only constant factor in life. The education system of India is also following that trend. Since I went to school, times have changed and so has the way of imparting knowledge. Now days the primary schools of India follow the system of ‘no child left behind’, in which children get promoted to the next level without any half term or annual exams. They are assessed throughout the year, based on a series of tests. I got the opportunity to talk with few people during my stay in Navi Mumbai. As education has three aspects or facets attached to it, I tried to get an insight from all three. The short interviews I conducted were from an educator, a parent and last but not least a student.


This is Rina Panth, an assistant professor of an engineering college in Navi Mumbai. According to her, the education in the higher level is appropriate, only the students do not have the exposure to what they would want in their career form. She feels the primary schools should be instrumental in familiarizing the candidates about what line of education leads to which kind of job.


Meet Jhumpa Chatterjee, a mother of a 9year old girl in 4th grade in a renowned Navi Mumbai school. She feels the change of the testing system is beneficial for the children, as it keeps them tension free. On the same note she feels the schools should be more pro-active about projects. Parents should not be instrumental in performing for the children, as it becomes more of a battle among parents and their egos.


This is Rituja, an engineering student of the 2nd year in Navi Mumbai. Her thoughts were quite contrary to what the parent or the teacher thinks. She feels that, primary education was more interactive while secondary is not conducive enough for her to get into a proper career. She states the flow between the two, primary and secondary is not there.


In other words there is a big gap which needs to be bridged. Indian Education system is going through major changes, in performance and academics. This change is not yet reached the optimum level, but with the help of all three facets involved in the education system, the government can formulate a perfect scenario.

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