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Clean - Ups

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Clean- up is a process to clean the face and remove the dead cells to make your skin breathe. it helps to clean the face deep in and helps to reduce pimples , ance problems. It helps to make the skin glow. Clean- up should be atleast done once a week.

How to do clean up :
Massage with cleansing milk / gel and remove with a cotton ball.
Scrub the skin for 5 minutes in circular motion lightly. Dont give too much pressure. Use water if it dries up. This helps to remove the dead skin layer.
Give steam : dry skin for 2-3 minutes while oily skin for 5 minutes till skin starts sweating.
Remove the blackheads and whiteheads with blackheads remover.
Apply astringent with a help of cotton ball all over face.
Apply peel- off mask as per skin type.
Remove when it dries up and massage skin with few drops moisturizer.

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