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No She was not there,but was there a moment that her existance was not felt during the Royal Wedding? I was quite young when Prince Charls and Lady Diana got married, still I vividly remember  princess D's ravishing pictures all over the Television and Newspapers.30 years later when I was watching the live telecast of the regal wedding of Prince Willam and Kate Middleton , I felt this uncanny presence of Diana all over and how.


William's smile or the livliness of Harry during the wedding reminded us of Princess D again and again. She wanted her sons to live a life of a normal person,she wanted them to realize that "not everyone drives a Range Rover and takes several foreign holidays every year" There were nights when princess D would take William to see the homeless and the drug addicts in various parts of London. She was crticized for her un princessly actions but she did not care even  when the British conservatives thought her attitude was a threat to the imperialism.




Diana was always on the side of love, as a child she used to say that she would marry a man whom she "Loved". When her marital life started crashing down,she made it sure that she passed on her belief to her sons. How well she did it was witnessed by the whole world when William whispered to Kate's ears "You look Beautiful" at  the alter...her legacy lives on as Prince William married for nothing else but love. Kate Middleton obviously would make Diana a very proud mother in law.Kate's poise, her charm and her dignity showed us that she will be a true ambassador of the Royal family.



Starting from the wedding hyms at the Westminster Abbey to the landau ride to the Kiss... the simmilarities between the weddings 30 years apart was truly uncanny...there was Diana everywhere. Surely sending her blessings to the newly wed couple William and Kate from above.


The Legacy Lives On :

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