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Do You Feel Insecure About The Way You Look?

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In today’s world of the "size zero"/ "six pack" obsession, do you feel insecure about the way you look? When you see the pictures of glamorous celebrities on the covers of different you feel like "Oh why can't I be like them”? With the various options of cosmetic surgeries readily available these days do you feel like "No matter what, I want a cheek bone like Kareena" or "I want a six pack like SRK"
What's your take on your body image?  Would you go to that extreme and go for those surgeries or those instant fixes just to look like your favorite star?  Has “looking good” become a real necessity?
Let's be open, let's discuss...


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It sure is important

Maybe not to the extreme of a six pack but a occasional jog in the gym helps.
I think image plays a very important part of your portfolio be it in your work life or in your love life wink wink.

OK more so in your work life if you are already a middle aged married man like me. :-(
I know quite a few of my colleagues who do facials and are immaculate about their dressing. Some even go to spas for massages et al. wink wink...
I am secretly considering the same,my male ego getting in the way though. But I try to keep myself groomed. Well shaven, keeping body hairs in control is ever so easy with all those trimmers, and a sneak moisturizer in a winter morning goes a long way.
What do you other guys feel? Am I the odd metro sexual out?


Healthy is more important than beautiful

I feel we have to decide how much are we affected by how good we look. Many of us are content with the way we look, without spending too much money or time, to others it really matters. I would say it's upto each one of us. I like easy to maintain hair cuts and clothes, no jewellery and generally comfortable footwear - and I value good health. I am also fine with people spending lots of time and money on the way they look, it's their body and their time.

Well to be honest i have a a

Well to be honest i have a a very conflicted viewpoint on this.

On one hand i am completely at ease with the way i look and have no qualms about not having a six pack as long as i maintain my slim frame, which is my biggest worry, but that being said when i do go out with friends clubbing and i see how everything is six pack and size zero driven i do think maybe i should hit the gym after all..

Not sure!

Like some other readers, I'm not really sure of where I stand on this.

I obviously wouldn't mind six-pack abs and a 16" pair of biceps, but I don't think I'm insecure or obsessive about my lucks. (No, I'm not trying to flatten out my tummy as I say this. :P)

I realise that I do have other traits that do compensate for my Shrek-ish appearance and I'm fine with it.

However, looking good is important, if not essential and hence, I don't think a quick 15-minute run on the treadmill is unwarranted. However, going under the knife purely for cosmetic purposes is not something I am prepared for.

Depends on the day and how I feel

Most days, I am confident in the way I look, even the jiggly tummy that hangs out now after having given birth. After all, didn't my body just do something amazing like bringing a miracle to life?! So yeah, I'm proud of the jiggle and stretch marks. But along with the confidence, I also do suck in my stomach when I sit or inhale ever so slightly when posing for pictures. After all, isn't this an imperfect body but still perfect in it's functionality? I guess what I'm saying is that to each his/her own. If a woman feels like a breast enhancement would enhance her self-image, go for it. If a man feels like exercise would give him a six-pack, more power to you. Now I just have to find that same motivation to hit the treadmill. Because on some days, I do slightly dislike the jiggle in the tummy. Alas, I'm too lazy to exercise so instead I contend with the fact that hey, I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly ok with who I am.

- Bollywood Blogger

Well, looking good is

Well, looking good is definitely the call of the day, but let me remind you all of the cliched phrase "beauty is not skin deep" the real beauty comes from deep within, it is the reflection of your inner mind. So if you feel good you'll automatically look good.Just keep yourself happy, do some exercise and eat right! You WILL look good.


Everybody wants to Look good....

Every body wants to look good.
I would love to have Karina's figure, Aishwarya's look...blah blah...
But, can I get it?
Because, I cannot do rigorous excercise like Karina or Shilpa Shetty does or eat salads everyday!!

If I meet God someday and if he/she grants me 3 wishes...I will ask for 'size zero' figure!! hahaha...

Keep Smiling!

Appearance is important but who has the time?

I would like to look perfect, have an hour glass figure etc etc, but who has the time to spend cooking special meals and going to the gym. One has to get by with a few hastily done stretches to limber the body and grab whatever meal one can get in a busy schedule. I feel that the demands of six and now eight packs and size zero are impossible to meet.

thank God I am am no celebrity !!!!!!

Feeling good and looking "put together" is important to me, but having a dashboard stomach,a Jlo-butt, super toned arms n legs...well that's something I like dreaming see, since dreams are not real,they give you the pleasure of wishing a miracle...and I would like to keep them just that.... a dream, because I am convinced (MAYBE...curtsey my super lazy self) the reality won't be as wonderful as the dream :-) I shudder to think the long hours they spend working hard on their body, the yumyum foods they have to give up, the agony of being scrutinized and talked and trashed about with the slightest hint of a lump/bump/jiggle !!!! That must be nightmarish !!!! Also where is the time????? They are in the show business they just work their part...looking picture perfect is a part of their job...not for common people like us who spent the most part of the day taking care of others and does not have the time or mentality to be self obsessed. So no, I am so not into this size-zero fad.

whats the harm in looking good?

In there any harm in wanting to look good??? expensive jewellery,sexy hair-cuts,classy outfits,branded make-up.....If people can spend so much money on things that make you look good artificially, then why not do something that truly makes you look beautiful and the fact that you dont have to remove it once you get back home at the end of the day?? I am not talking about a 0-size figure or an extremely buffed up six-packs body....but hey,wats the harm in looking at the mirror and appreciate what you see?If we have time to gossip,time to watch daily soaps and comment on the hair and features of a perticular actor,time to crib about the fact that you are not as preety as the rest,time to see something preety and get jealous....then I am sure we can spare a little time to work on our bodies which initiates such the rest of time consuming thoughts....
I would love to look beautiful,coz its now or never.....:)

Confidence is the word..

Looking good is everybody's dream and desire but then there is something attached to being beautiful.."Its does not last forever" .We have no control over our appearance ..But we do have a role in framing our image and carve out an identity of being a beautiful person from within.Take the positive side and tell yourself every time "I am beautiful with whatever I have" , and see your days brighten up with confidence.
Taking to cosmetic surgeries and enhancements is a painful way to go..These days a good make up and a neat presentation wins the game.And if you still are desperate to satisfying yourself with Kareena's cheeks or Shahrukh's six packs...try your luck with "photoshop"..the easiest way out..:)..

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