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Eyes That Speak A Thousand Words...

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 It is a fact that eyes speak a thousand words and give a clear picture of one's state of mind. Though very delicate, they are the most beautiful part of our face for they can be expressive, emotional and can enhance the look instantly!
Attractively decorated eyes will change your look to an extent and will guarantee you many admiring glances. It is time you take the initiative and do a little bit for your eyes making them look subtle, delicate, fun and even exaggerate at times.
There are girls who love to highlight their eyes and hence they should opt for edgy eyes with lots of charcoal coloured kohl on them. This is one of those trends that’s famous with b-town babes these days.
Gauri Pai from Diva In You says, "Smoky, edgy eyes are in these days and whenever you are planning to go for a party or a night-out with friends and go for this look. Surely a stunner, you will look no less than a diva if you do it right and compliment it with a beautiful dress."
Playing with the colours of the eye shadow will also do the trick provide you do it right. Choose colours that people think won't look good on eyelids and then see the magic, but stay away from overdoing it. A deep purple, a dark green, orange, wine, glamorous red, plum are some of the shades that will look smashing for a party look.
Says makeup expert Jayna Shah, "Teaming two contrast tones like gold-orange, purple-silver, red-gold will also look good but it is important to balance this look. Go for simple light coloured clothes, lip gloss and light kajal when your eye lids are bright and bold. Mascara that adds volume to your eye lashes will be of great help for girls with thin eye lashes. Otherwise bright coloured mascara that enhances your eyes is all that you need."
Those who like to keep it minimal can go for a line of kajal and eye-liner that bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is famous for. Do you know she never steps out without wearing kohl in her eyes and most of the girls would love to decorate their eyes like she does!
Not just your eyes but shapely eye-brows too play a vital role for your face. The common thread lines that you get in any parlour is 'U' shaped brows. If you want to try something new than go foe sharp 'V' shaped brows but then it is for those who dare to do something different. Also wavy brows suit many women and don't forget to ask your stylist to give you some options for brow styles before going for usual 'U' shaped ones.
Article and Image Source : Feme Fashions

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