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Fashion trends for Fall 2009- What are you wearing this fall?

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 Fall is right here and like the other seasons the top trends are in. Are you clueless about what to wear, how to wear and when to wear? Well then, don’t worry. This article is just for you. Fashion is always on a constant roll. While lost trends turn up again, they acquire a new format or a new package. Along side this; new innovations flow side by side. In this article we shall discuss some of the topmost trends in fashion for fall 2009. 

Fashion Clothing 
This fall sees the coming together of simple styles to form a stunning look. Plaid is in this season. Plaid vests, skirts and shirts can be given a trendy look by turning them into a wrap. A thick black belt on top of a dress or long shirt or coat can give you a very fashionable look. Jackets are also a highlight of this season.  
Black, navy blue, charcoal and gray are the main colors of fall 2009.   Another style that is really hot this season are big buttons. Everyone from Pamella Roland to Baby Phat are celebrating big buttons stitched on dresses, so why should you lag behind?  
It goes without saying that solid scarves with thick stripes are being seen a lot on the runway lately. Striped tights add a trendy look. They are not as thin as leg warmers; they are also not as thick as typical hoses. Fall 2009 will also see the return of the long sleeves. Wool ponchos and flowing wraps make a statement.  
Another bold look that is being created this season is by costume jewelry. Large stones as seen on the Domenico Vacca top bear witness to the fact that costume jewelry is set to create uproar this season. While costume jewelry can be bought for cheap, they can be reworked on your shirts to create a particular effect.  

Fashion footwear 
Fashion footwear is of many kinds and fall 2009 sees the presence of different footwear styles that go with different dresses. Footwear includes pump shoes, flats, big boots, stilettos and sneakers. Pumps can be worn practically anywhere- whether that be a business meeting or a girl’s night out. You can choose triangular or pointed, closed or open toed pump shoes according to your convenience. They are a must-have in your closet.  
For a lazy and comfortable look, go with flats. They come in a variety of designs and can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans and pants. Above the knee boots look really cool with mini skirts or tightly fitted jeans.  
Sensuality and elegance- these are the two words associated with stilettos. They not only highlight your height, they also make you look sexy. Sneakers are an essential part of casual footwear. You can wear them during hiking, traveling and playing sports. They are hardy and reliable.  
These are some of the basic fashion trends for fall 2009. What are you waiting for?

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nice =)



Thanks :)

Dipanwita Das Gupta

Too many use of the word

Too many use of the word "Another"

"Another style that is really hot this season are big buttons. "

What does that mean?????

Suggestions: Work on your sentence construction.



"Another" has been used twice in the article. Thanks for your suggestion :)

Dipanwita Das Gupta

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