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Food Has Nothing To Do With The Heart

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 A woman makes her merry way into a poor guy's heart or rather breezes into it without lifting a finger. It is only after the initial euphoria of love has died down that she needs the help of other traits to ensure that her position in her man's life is not threatened and she can rule over his heart indefinitely. Man is a very simple and predictable species. He can survive on love and fresh air for the initial few years of his marriage.

With the advent of kids and a few other minor hiccups he wakes up from his kumbhkarani slumber and suddenly develops taste buds and an attitude to match. He comes out of his cocoon and demands his basic rights of good food and more of good food. The poor lady of the house is stunned for had she not been making the same soggy rice, lumpy dal, and half burnt chapattis for her man for the past few years? Then how come he suddenly develops taste buds and refuses to eat the healthy nutritious fare she prepares. She is flabbergasted and dumbfounded for hadn't she housebroken and brainwashed her man to be a man and eat up without complaints. Her favorite lines being "Don't leave anything in your plate there are thousands starving in Ethiopia." His prompt reply nowadays is "Parcel this food to them and see how fast it is returned".

To keep the peace in the house she tries to pacify her man and spends a little more time in the kitchen and cuts down on her television viewing. The results are outstanding. The chapattis are edible so are the dal and vegetables. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction hence his midriff starts expanding and love handles become more pronounced. He gains weight and needs to lose it quickly before annual medicals. Immediately starts the cycle of exercise and diet control.

The wife unlearns the puris and the parathas and starts cooking low fat curries and soups. He is grateful for the same and professes to love her more each passing day. So all I can say is, the way to a man's heart may not be through his stomach but once you have possession of his heart, safeguarding it becomes your privileged duty.


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Food had nothing to with the heart

Loved it as much as the first time I read it. You rock Lucks, you know that dont you? :)

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot friend,appreciate your compliment.

Love this one

Sulekha dear - this is one of my favorites : ) Love it....


give him some oats good for the heart and a great start for a healthy heart. great post

Thank you friends, for the

Sulekkha's picture

Thank you friends, for the lovely compliments.


Lucks aka Sulekha

Food Has Nothing To Do With The Heart


You have a beautiful Blog my friend, I plan on reading more :)

Loved your post and it is so true what you said.
It is a privileged duty safeguard them period from themselves



Our privilege or his? ;-) I love your writing, Sulekkha!


@Jessica, Thank you so much

@Jessica, Thank you so much for your beautiful compliment.

@Sweepyjean, lol, thanks a ton friend for visiting and commenting.

@Jessica, thank you for your

Sulekkha's picture

@Jessica, thank you for your beautiful compliment.

@Sweepyjean, thanks for visiting and commenting.Appreciate it.


Lucks aka Sulekha

hullo...from a guy, so this

hullo...from a guy, so this is how you feminists keep us guys hooked...a well written article..enlightening and humourous with love handles...viki

sulekha dear

your article is so well written .youve actually managed to hook on to the fact that in this day and age the way to a mans heart is to be able to manage it well and keep your man fit and healthy sans all the extra pounds!

@Viki, thank you for the

Sulekkha's picture

@Viki, thank you for the wonderful compliment, kind sir.

@Thank you guest User, We women try our best to keep our men happy and healthy so that thy can return the favor ten times.


Lucks aka Sulekha

Lucks - this is one of your

Lucks - this is one of your best write-up yet. Not only are you a prolific writer but your ability to delve into people's minds & hearts is amazing. I had a big smile on my face while reading this - wonderfully articulated & thoughtfully expressed. You Rock Girl ...keep them coming !!! :) <3

Thank you so much for all the

Sulekkha's picture

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you've said about my writing.Appreciate your comment a lot.


Lucks aka Sulekha

bingo! bang on target.

hey sulekha!
wow!what a lovely article dear,bang on the target .
i must say keeping the man interested is a daily battle which quite a lot of women do suceed at ,what say, uh?

Arvinder, thanks a ton for

Sulekkha's picture

Arvinder, thanks a ton for your lovely compliment dear. Yes we do, don't we? Thanks friend...


Lucks aka Sulekha

So true...the rotis & subzis,

So true...the rotis & subzis, so painstaking made, suddenly seem awful...they forget their bachelorhood days so soon, when any food was welcome. Then of course, they start taking things for granted & demand improvement! Loved the article...Shyamala

Shyamala, loved that you came

Sulekkha's picture

Shyamala, loved that you came to my blog and left such a cute compliment.Thanks a ton friend.


Lucks aka Sulekha

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