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None of us want to look old! But after we hit our 30’s, things start going down hill be it our metabolism or our looks! Oh how I wish I could find the recipe of making that Elixir...that could keep me looking young forever! But “ sigh” there isn’t any! So we have to put some extra effort to follow  an anti -aging regimen. Yeah I know some of you must be thinking of “Botox”… but would you really like to insert those injections? Forget about the cost!  Instead of trying those extreme alternatives, I personally think it’s a better idea to keep things natural!

How about  just remembering  certain simple things,and who knows this might help you keep looking like 20+ forever. Some of my beautician friends and of course some online research helped me put some essential tips together for this article.
Take a look at what you are eating! : Diet definitely plays a very important role. You should include plenty of fruits and vegetables in you diet. c/medicine-news/Fruits--26-Vegetables-Makes-You-Look-Younger-With-Fewer-Wrinkles-9464-1/
Say adios to the junk food: Try to avoid eating junk food. Oily and fatty food not only increases your weight it also affects your skin in a negative way.
Try to drink plenty of water: Hope you all are drinking at least 6-7 glasses of water everyday. If you are not you should stat drinking. Because water flushes out all the toxins in your body, keeping your skin looking radiant.
Enjoy life: Try not to stress over little things. Relax whenever you get a chance.Excessive stress can affect your looks.
Exercise: Yeah you are right! Exercise will keep you physically fit and make you look young. At least try to exercise 3 days a week.
Avoid the Ultra Violet rays:  ultra violet radiation can cause a great damage to your skin.  U.V rays produces those wrinkles,  sun burns and above all exposure to ultra violet rays can lead to some dreadful diseases like skin cancer. Always take adequate protection when you are going out in the sun. Wear your sunglasses, use moisturizers which have uv protection. (< Spf 30)
Try buying mild cleansers for your face: Always use mild facial cleansers. Never use soap to wash your face. It will make the skin very dry. Dry skins are more susceptible to wrinkles. After washing your face always put moisturizer. In winter it’s a good idea to use the creamy ones (not if you have acne problems though!) and for summer use the water based moisturizers.
Quit smoking and stop drinking:  Smoking destroys the vitamin C in your body and damages the elastic tissues that keep your skin tight and firm. Alcohol gives the skin a saggy and a puffy look.
Look for vitamin A, E, C, and D when you are buying an anti aging product: If you are using an anti aging product, make sure they  are loaded with anti oxidants. The vitamins A, C, D, and E are all proven anti oxidants.
References: c/medicine-news
Image Credit: Photobucket

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Very apt subject u chose !Well compiled Antara.

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