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Fusion Fashion

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A Note From B'Khush : It's our immense pleasure to bring, ace designer Jaya Misra's fashion tips to you. Jaya is the most happening name in the Indian fashion industry. Enjoy her writeup on "Fusion Fashion"
Fashion has been the buzz word for decades. Fashion has been evolving and every period has its own flavour, style and colours. The beauty of various fashion trends is that they don’t fade out totally, but one trend takes a back seat while other trends take over.
Fashion trends are like a cycle, as time changes, the trend changes too. There are a lot of factors that contributes to this trend, globalization being one of them. Today, people who are based in western countries can easily access a traditional Indian dress while an Indian is spoilt for choices as far as western dresses are concerned.
This globalization of fashion – or lets say availability of these dresses of different styles has given rise to Fusion Fashion. You should not be amazed if you see an American or a British wear kurta with a pair of denims or an Indian lady wearing a corset top with embroidered embellishment. Fusion Fashion is certainly here to stay. Fusion Fashion is nothing but mixing two different styles of clothing to give the attire a chic and different look.
If we take a look at India, there is a lot happening on the fashion front as far as the fusion fashion is concerned. A lot of renowned designers of India have presented their collection in various fashion weeks that have included a mix and match of indo-western clothing. My latest collection at the IPLFW 2010 was inspired by the concept of fusion fashion. Basically we fashion designers have realized that in this globalization era our target audience has expanded and so we need to design clothes suited for a diverse set of people. At the same time we need to experiment with our creativity and produce creations that are appealing to the masses.
Even in the west, many designers have successfully created beautiful attires by interfusing two cultures in their garments. This has also led to the commencement of fusion fashion shows in various parts of the world. People, mainly youth, like the whole idea of mixing and matching, thus opting for the clothes representing fusion fashion.  The fashion trends keep changing, but this intermingling of east and west continue to captivate the masses. One can find new creations very often, symbolizing the influence of two different cultures.
Fusion Fashion is the ‘in’ fashion trends today. This represents a beautiful blend of style, designs and culture thus making the world smaller.


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