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Future Fashion Statement - Jute

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To make the world pollution free, environmentalists are launching many innovative ways and so even the fashion industry is trying to make everything eco-friendly. Even designers are trying to make fashion apparel all natural, and fibres like jute are the next big thing on the scene!
Jute products are gaining immense popularity around the globe. It has high tensile strength, is bio-degradable, does not emit poisonous gasses when burnt, can be recycled and is inexpensive too! It is an eco-friendly product that has created a wider market for itself owing to the superior features.
London College Of Fashion graduate designer Farheen Bushra Rahman says, "I have seen international designers play around with jute a lot. If this trend comes to India in full swing, it will be a great thing as it is a medium that can be explored a lot, and is eco-friendly too."
India is one of the major jute producing countries. It accounts nearly two-thirds of jute and allied fibers production. The major jute producing areas in India are West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tripura.
Jute products available in the market consists of different types of bags, buttons, laces, handicrafts, carpets, mats, textiles, furnishings, apparels and much more. Fancy jute bags are known for their durability and designs are available these days. Shopping bags, wine bags, sacks, sling bags, hand bags and promotional bags are some kinds of popular jute bags.
The contemporary jute bags are found in bright colours, and can be beaded, embroidered, sequins or can have mirror work on it. The embroidered and laced jute handbags are preferred by the young generation. Hand block printing, which is an ancient craft, increases the beauty of these bags.
Jute handicrafts are always in demand even in international markets. Large variety ranging from wall paintings, jewellery, dolls, table lamps, coasters and others. These handicrafts are combined with spectrum embroidery and thus becomes eye catching. Moreover, these handicrafts reflect an aesthetic appeal and traditional craft skills.
With jute fabrics, the designers have accessorised various items with appliqués, embroideries, patches, gems, beads and woods and these creative ideas with a fine touch-up adds a rustic charm to hand crafted products.
Jute apparels slowly becoming popular the social circles and creating an interest among fashion designers as its gives an elegant and chic looks and also create a unique style statement. Designers all over the world are experimenting extensively with this natural fabric and have come out with different styles of jackets, ghillie tracker suit, sarees, footwears, buttons, laces etc. The natural golden shine of jute makes it an attractive textile.
Jute sandals, clogs and slippers are being made in latest trendy designs and colours and have found universal acceptance and is exported worldwide.
Jute sarees are also gaining popularity. Intricate weaving with the jute thread is done on pure silk fabric. There is a wide collection of Kora silk with embossed jute work sarees, jute print sarees, jute jari sarees and they come in attractive patterns, prints and designs and are appreciated for light weight and high tear strength.
Jute mats and carpets are soft, light and easy to maintain. They are available in trendy patterns and designs in diversified textures. The designs varies from traditional ethnic patterns to  contemporary geometrical designs.
In the present time, Jute industry has developed alot and various world bodies related to the development of jute fashion has started providing monetary, technological and research based help.
Alok Khastogir, ex-chairperson of Jute Coorporation of India, says, "Over the recent years, the jute market has grown steadity and it is hoped that jute will widely rule overs the fashion industry. Recently, National Jute Board launched a campaign called 'Surprisingly Jute' where fashion weasr made of jute were displayed."
The future potential market trends of jute fashion is quite bright. The production of jute-specific fashion products is estimated to be doubled-up in the coming years. It is definitely the next "in thing".
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