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The Glass Bowl

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On my last vacation to India with my 5-month old son, my mother gave a glass bowl from her crockery trove. The reason I write about this apparently trivial object is because this particular bowl is almost my age (it is from the time when I was a baby just started to have rice cereal from a bowl)...i.e., nearing thirty.

Maa has preserved this bowl from its potential brittleness like she also has kept our (me and my sister's) first shoes, frocks, kindergarten report cards and many such souvenirs of our childhood. The bowl was carefully made to survive trough the years by my mother. I cannot even imagine being capable of preserving a glassware for so long.

I came back with it and now my son has his cereals and pureed fruits from the same interesting does that sound to you? To me it is amazing, and a wonderful emotion.....even more so now as the petals of motherhood are slowly blooming in my life.
In this special phase when I feel the responsibilities along with the joy of being a mother, I also get to understand my mother in a whole new never before, and suddenly sometimes I miss being around her, living far away in another land, with only social networks and telephone to turn to in today's 'tech-all' times.

I could always relate to her in a mother-daughter way, but now I have started to relate and feel our motherhood....although I have a long way to traverse....

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Thats lovely... nostalgia wrapped up with the future... priceless!

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