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A "Kahaani" Not to be Missed

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Sujoy Ghosh’s, Kahaani is an absolute delight to watch, especially if you like whodunits with a Hitchcockain twist at the end. The movie keeps one, literally at the edge of the seat, thanks to the crisp editing and fast pace of the movie. Usha Uthup’s very peppy number “Ami Sotti Bolchi” with its saucy lyrics sets the tempo for the movie at the very onset.
Any one who is remotely associated with Kolkata is sure to have waves of nostalgia wash over post seeing Kahaani. It is a visual treat even for those who have never visited the city. Thanks to Setu’s cinematography skills, the city has been lovingly captured warts and all. Colourful vignettes, captured with sensitivity give the viewer glimpse into what makes Kolkata so very special. It is her beautiful, warm loving soul. The movie Kahaani reiterates the fact that Kolkata still has its woozy warmth intact. But, the movie is not just the director’s tribute to his birth-city, but it is about love, betrayal, intrigue and revenge. When I say, revenge, be lest assured there is no unnecessary gore involved at all.
There is absolutely no doubt that Vidya Balan is the show stealer in Kahaani, and proves yet again how she has evolved into one of the finest actors in the country. Vidya is amply supported by the searing performance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui (plays the role of IB officer Khan) and the very appealing Parambrata Chatterjee ( police officer Rana). Even Saswata Chatterjee as Bob Biswas is a treat to watch. Well done cameos by Dhritiman Chatterjee and Darshan Jariwala add the necessary sparkle.
Parambrata Chatterjee is much more than delectable good looks. Look out for his nuanced performance in the movie. A first for a main stream Hindi movie is the underlying currents of attraction between a hugely pregnant protagonist and a dashing young actor (Parambrata). It is not too often that a pregnant woman is made to look desirable on celluloid. To be attractive to the male gaze, the woman is presented as a curvaceous bimbette (most of the times) in itsy bitsy or sexy clothing. The unspoken attraction between the two actors is a tribute to the fact, that a woman is so much more than her physical appearance.
Kahaani celebrates woman in all her avatars in the true sense of the word. Kudos to Kahaani story-writer, Advaita Kala (author of Almost Single), for weaving this sensitive, yet, very entertaining thriller.
The dramatic end, with Bachchan’s voice over is the cherry on the proverbial cake. Go ahead, watch Kahaani, rest assured it will be time well spent.


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Very, very well written

Very, very well written review, Nishi Roy. My interest is piqued.

wow.....superb !!!

Each word is so true about the movie nishi, u have written it so well.....touched all the finer points...absolutely justice done...i still cnt get over the effect of the beautifully picturised movie n vidya's flawless performance...kolkata came alive....kudos to u dear friend !!! keep it up !!!

wow !! Superb !!

Kudos to u nishi....soooooo well written...u have touched each n every point of this amazing movie.....i still cant get over the mesmerizing effect of the superbly directed n photographed movie where Vidya Balan gave a flawless performance once again and Kolkata came alive with its vibrant culture n colors....i specially luved the way u have described the subtle attraction between Parambrata n touched my heart too......keep it up gal..great going !!!!

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