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Losing Inches Around the Waist

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 This week I want to talk about losing inches around your waist.  This is one of the most requested outcomes with clients.  Flat abs, six pack abs, smaller waist size, you can read it on the cover of all the magazines.  The reality is that diet is the most important factor; you need to drop body fat to reduce your waist size.
 When I design a daily food plan for my clients, I encourage eating 5 times a day.  This should include  3 meals and two snacks every day.  The total number of calories that you need to take in should be divided by 5 to determine the calorie intake for each meal.  Your calorie intake should be healthy, if you under eat, you slow down your progress.
 Don’t forget to keep that water intake up as well to flush out the fat you are losing.
 I have a sample of my meal plan below.  You should customize it to fit your lifestyle. Write down what you eat, this helps keep track of nutrition as well as calorie intake.
Breakfast: One piece of wheat bread with jam, walnuts and protein shake
Snack: Fruit cup
 Lunch : Foot long subway sandwich ( roasted chicken on wheat with no cheese )
Snack:  Salad
Dinner: Brown rice with grilled chicken and broccoli
Snack: Protein shake with BCAA and Glutamine with a table spoon of peanut butter.
I take omega 3s with two meals and multivitamins with the first meal. I also drink close to a gallon of water a day. I take a protein shake after my workouts as well.
Your workout:  most of my clients meet with me 3 times a week.  We work on strength training and building muscle, because muscle is the fat burning machine.  The goal is to raise your metabolism.  I recommend cardio 3 times a week, but not longer than 45 minutes.  You want to keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone.  You can determine this on the machine using your age.  For a more challenging and calorie burning, I do interval training.  This means I go very hard for five minutes, than slow down for another five minutes, go hard another five minutes and so on.  Do not do for longer than 45 minutes.  Also don’t do this every time because your body will get used to the intensity and you will plateau or slow down your progress .
Workouts/exercise  that you can do at home :
1. Leg raises
2. Floor crunches
3. Twists 
4. Planks
I  usually do 3 sets of  15-20 repetitions of each exercise. I do this routine couple of times a week after my cardio.
Hopefully you will find this blog helpful.
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