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Missing Gemma

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Gemma Ward shook the pillars of the fashion world when she first graced the runways of Milan, Paris, London, and New York in the year 2004 at the age of 16.
The Australian Supermodel has been in shows for designers such as Prada, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and many more.
Magazine covers followed, from Vogue, to Allure, Marie Claire, and Elle, Gemma became the newest face of fashion.
In the year 2008, Gemma told the entire world that she was going to retire from modelling.
In the summer of 2011 Ward will be playing the part in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, as Tamara, Queen of the Mermaids, and meet Jack Sparrow during his search for the illusive Fountain of Youth.
I miss Gemma,I miss her striking face in the runways, I miss her ferocity in McQueen shows. She's one of the supermodels whom I greatly adore.

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