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Motherhood and the Other Job...

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A few days ago, a friend who is a new mom of a handsome little one month old boy, left me the kindest message.  She wanted to talk to me about my decision to be a stay-at-home-mom (for an undetermined period of time) after the birth of my baby girl Parijat, who has just turned 6 months old. My friend asked for my insight into what helped me make the decision that I took and how I felt about it today. When I spoke to her later that week, I did explain what was going on in my mind and hearing myself talk out loud was a very rewarding experience. What I said to her, I will share at the end of this post, but for now, I will try and compose a few thoughts around a much discussed and debated topic of motherhood and pursuing a professional career.
Are these two realities mutually exclusive or can they successfully intertwine? Why? Why not? What enables a woman to balance both? When does she want both?  When does she choose one or the other? Why does she choose one or the other? I know I am incapable of answering these questions so I went back to the storehouse of knowledge that I have gained through the years by observing and talking to of some wonderful friends who were kind enough to share their insight on this topic. Some of these women have chosen to be a mom and mom alone. Some have chosen to pursue successful careers along with their commitment to motherhood. Some, like me, took the longest time to even think about having children because a career was what they wanted to focus on.  These women, who belong to different nationalities, are from different walks of life, from corporate executives to teachers, from journalists to home makers.  Their situations and circumstances were very diverse, but they made very concerted and conscientious decisions about why and how they wanted to live and love their roles as mothers.

Isn’t it amazing how everyone has an opinion on the ability, timing, and decision about you becoming a parent if you aren’t one already? I often  go back to my 13 years of being “childless” and laugh at the comments, conjectures and criticism I got. They ranged from anything to being “incapable” to being “incompetent” to being “immoral” for not procreating. I even recall when people found out I did and could give birth to a child, the first line of gossip that went around was, “Did they go through a treatment? Why were they childless for so long?” I know these individuals are going to read this paragraph and all I can say is, "Thank you so much for your concern and your care!" Am I being sarcastic? Hell yeah! Parenting is not a joke and once a parent you are always a parent. It is a lifelong commitment to a living human being not a job or a car (yes, I was pretty committed to my VW bug) or other relationships one forges in one’s lifetime. So have the child when you and your significant other are ready and if you are never ready, IT IS OK!!! Seriously people, you are not going to hell because you didn’t bring forth progeny. Grow up already!!!
Fortunately most legally compliant organizations will not immediately treat you like an outcaste when you start to sport the baby bulge.  Being in HR, there was a common joke that you cannot ask a woman if she is pregnant, in an interview, unless she has gone into labor right there and voluntarily admits she needs help delivering a baby!!! A lot of factors have to be considered in making this decision. The women I spoke to or have seen over several decades make a decision one way or another have been guided some universal principles.


 Raising a child is NOT inexpensive. According to a CNN Money article dated Sept 21st 2011, the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 for a middle-income, two-parent family averaged $226,920 last year (not including college), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That's up nearly 40% -- or more than $60,000 -- from 10 years ago.  A few single moms I am friends with and have had the pleasure of working with, very categorically mentioned that they “had” to come back to work for very practical and obvious reasons. For these super moms, going back to work was not an option, it was a necessity. What is amazing in their story though is to see the wonderful children they have raised on their own. A few of them are pre-teens, some are in college but my gosh, these women knew what they were doing as Moms.


As fun as mommyhood is, it is NOT EASY and late nights and messy diapers are the over rated and hyped supposed stressors. Those are the least of your concerns as a mom, trust me. What is most concerning? Well that is the point? YOU NEVER KNOW! You can NEVER prepare for it; it will never be the same for 2 children.  Given these variables that are all outside your control it is not easy to do this  “balancing different balls in the air,” given your little tyke is the biggest ball and you DON’T want that ball to ever drop, in more ways than one!  For the moms I spoke to, this was a big factor in whether they were able to go back to work or stay home for a while. Some were able to get help from parents, with others a good nanny wasn’t hard to find. Still others were able to return to work because of work time flexibility their husbands had. In almost every case where there was a conflict in the logistical area, the mom invariably took some time off before heading back to work, if that is what they wanted to do.

Family Support

That is a HUGE factor that enables or disables a woman to pursue a career after becoming a mother. I was married for about 3 years then and fresh out of grad school doing my internship in North Utah and staying by myself in an apartment close to work. A lady with a little boy came up to me one evening and started chatting and invited me over for dinner. I showed up on the given date and the sight which greeted me literally left me speechless. Her little boy had just spilled some semi-solid food all over the carpet. Her husband who was in the other room, walked into the mess and walked right ON it, reprimanding the lady for not keeping the room clean and disciplining the child and then stomped out of the room after bestowing on me a cursory “hello.” I am not sure how the evening went because it was all a blur. I recall the woman never showed me her face for the next 3 months I was there, out of sheer embarrassment. Yes, weird realities like this do exist and then you also have husbands who want to take care of the baby at night, because they know you did the hard part of carrying the child for 9 months and then giving birth (epidural or no epidural)! Such situations do make a huge difference in whether a woman feels she is in the right frame of mind to go back work, knowing her child will be well taken care of in her absence.

Priorities and choices

Finally what  should be the key determinant in all this,  is the woman’s own rationale to prioritize the different elements in her life.  Every woman I know who has taken a decision either way and has enjoyed it, has done so knowing what is best for her.  Almost everyone said this in various ways but I am quoting a friend when she said, “My way to be good at it is to simply be ME & when I take care of ME, I give the best of ME!” Much too often we associate thinking of “me” as being selfish. Much too long we have been taught by our elders and peers to think of nothing more than the child and our family. Much too unfortunately do we fall for stereotypes on what our role ought to be, not what we want it to be.  Whatever you decide, know that you own that decision, both the joys and the consequences. And once you have established that ownership in your mind, life is much easier and for all the right reasons.
For me personally, this has been biggest deciding variable for all my decisions in life so far. As far as motherhood goes, my closest of friends know this, my husband I adore children but we never thought of having our own. We both were very devoted to our professions and I was not in the frame of mind to give it up till I suddenly was.  So enjoying dinner at the Bull and Bear restaurant overlookng Lexington Avenue during a conference at the Waldorf was just as much fun as waking up to some dark chocolate truffles mid air in the swanky locales of business travel in great airlines. It was just as much fun to freeze in Stonehenge with Neel as it was for me to saunter along zen gardens in Kyoto after a business trip. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing because at the end of the day, making the right choices for the right reasons is all that matters if you want to be at peace with yourself.

The math adds up in your favor if you do this right!  The child truly is the face of God and also the father of man. With those to qualifiers going for your little tyke, any well thought out decision will lead to its own rewards and reprimands.  There is no perfect answer, there is no perfect formula to determine the outcomes. There is nothing certain about tomorrow other than the ever increasing undying and unconditional love you will feel for your child with each passing day. The rest is just fluff! Enjoying the moments as they come is all that matters in the end.
 After I chatted with my friend and hung up the phone, I looked at Parijat who was lying next to me. She was holding on to her little bumble bee toy in one hand and the edge of my kurta (the long shirt I had on)  in the other. Her expectant eyes looked up at me as I smiled at her.  Her little face broke into a toothless grin as she knew Ma was all hers again. She happily squealed out loud and then went back to play with her bumble bee. Yes friends, that is why I quit my job to be a stay at home mom after working in a profession I absolutely have been in love with for a decade and half. Do I miss it? OF COURSE, I do! The joy of seeing a light bulb come on in the faces of my audience while facilitating a strategy discussion was supremely fulfilling. It is just, that the joy of watching the light bulb come on in Parijat’s doe eyes as she discovers and rediscovers that her little fist  is a part of her arm is, well, just a wee bit more..

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One from the heart

Very thoughtfully put and covered a lot of issues too Pritha..Like Marriage, parenthood is an individual choice too. But unfortunately even the most, so called 'Modern' societies live by cliches. Given the choices a woman be in a job or not to be in a job is totally up to her & there IS no right or wrong about it, is what I feel. Go ahead enjoy being a mum :)



You have nailed this topic!!!!! Very well written Pritha!!!!!!!! This sd serve as a great read for women frm all walk of life! Keep the thoughts flowing! Thanks. Pakhi

Very well written Pritha!!!

Very well written Pritha!!! Love to read all your blogs..keep them coming!

Very Insightful!!!

A great read read for would be moms as well, touches upon a lot of intricacies with an easy flair.

Following my heart

Beautiful article Pritha and thanks for sharing Ani. Yes, it connects with me too on so many levels.

I was very focused on my career when I became pregnant. I was quickly rising up the ladder and had decided on hiring a nanny to take care of the first child and two years later having another child. My whole life turned upside down and all my best laid plans went awry, when N&N decided to pop out at 27 weeks and that too together! They continue to pull the those kind of tricks even to this day, by the way! :-) I tried going back to work after my extended medical leave expired 3 months later. I barely lasted a day and to the shock of everyone, announced I was quitting my job.
Some thought my extended hospitalization had made me irrational, while others thought what a commendable choice it was that I had put family first over a career on a fast track. To tell the truth, it was not a planned out or thought out decision. Did not even think about the financial aspect. At that time we were not sure if my company was going to pay for the millions of dollars in medical expenses that we had accrued and the thousands more we were expecting at that time because of all the complications that the babies were facing. There was no concern on the homefront about being able to handle the load. I was lucky enough to have wonderful family support from my parents & in-laws. Srini was incrediblly supportive as well. After a 10-12 hr day at work, he would come home and patiently handle two highly colicky babies and the panicky alarms of the apnea monitors which went off at least twice every night. My decision was simply one of instinct. I simply could not bear to be away from my babies even for a little while. I did not wish to miss even a single smile or coo. I enjoyed my dedicated time with them for the next five years. It was not all rosy though. I had several moments of self-doubt regarding my decision to quit, my capabilites as a parent and frustration with God and life for continuing to put my precious babies through so much. But the "talks" we had, the dancing and the singing we did together, the laughter and the plays, even the tough times we had together - all these made that period of my life the most gratifying for me. It was also when my art, poetry & writing took flight and I had time to indulge in them extensively. I went back to work after the kids got into Kindergarten. I realized that my brain was starving from the lack of intellectual challenge, and I loved getting back to work.

The people who commended my decision to quit, looked down on my decision to return to work and the people who were offended by my decision to give up on "brilliant" career prospects were finally happy. But neither group mattered to me then or now. My family and true friends always understood me and my decisions perfectly. If I could redo the whole thing over again, I would do it exactly as I did, albeit with a whole lot less of painful experiences for the kids. Sometimes I wish I could spend more time with the kids now, but then I know that the quality times we have together make up for any shortage of time because of my work or business travel, both of which I enjoy very much.

Continue to have the best of times with your baby, Pritha! Sorry for the long post, but I simply could not resist.

thank you

Pritha's picture

.. for reposting this here again Raji at my request. Really appreciate it.

Pritha Lal

thank you all

Pritha's picture

Friends, thank you so much for taking the time to post your comments here and also on my FB page. This is such a wonderful forum to share ideas and learn from one another. Your feedback and insight helps me grow and understand this new role. Thank you again..



Pritha Lal

A great article for a new mom

A great article for a new mom like me! Thanks for penning this.


Congratulations Alka :)

Pritha's picture

thanks so much .. am glad you found it useful. Little boy or girl?

Pritha Lal

Awesome read! Norcal girl

Awesome read!

Norcal girl

To be or not to be a mother,

To be or not to be a mother, to be or not to be a working lady, to or not to pursue a career after childbirth is absolutely an individual's choice. To be criticised, mocked at, gossiped about is one of the many faces of our society and of course I am no exception to this. All one needs is a supportive family and then such mischief makers can get lost. With lots of love to Parijat, Didi.

a few thoughts from my friend Stephanie Davis

Pritha's picture

I finally had a chance to read your article and I absolutely loved it. It never ceases to amaze me how similar we are. Your words brought back memories of when I had Tyler and when I also had to decide between work and Mom... Never a regret in choosing Mom, not one. They grow up far too fast and the corporate world will always be here waiting for great Mom's to return if they choose to. For me it was when Tyler started school and I went through my divorce. Luckily they happened at the same time I guess. When Parijat is approaching 13 and you look back, I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that you will never regret your decision, but instead relish in the wonderful opportunity you had and then you'll gently wipe a tear away... So I am off to get a tissue. :)

Thank you for being you and for your friendship and your inspiring words... Always.

Sure love ya!


Pritha Lal

thoughts from my sister in law - Diya Sarkar

Pritha's picture

To be or not to be a mother, to be or not to be a working lady, to or not to pursue a career after childbirth is absolutely an individual's choice. To be criticised, mocked at, gossiped about is one of the many faces of our society and of course I am no exception to this. All one needs is a supportive family and then such mischief makers can get lost. With best wishes and lots of love to Parijat, Didi.

Pritha Lal

thoughts from a dear friend - Claire Averett

Pritha's picture


I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the very difficult choices a woman makes in her life in balancing work and family. In addition to all the things you brought forward to consider, there is an additional area that may impact some women and their decision making and that is a spiritual component.

You have discovered you are helping God do His work through your joyful dedication to your family. For some women, it is the overarching decision maker. May I share part of my spiritual orientation? For me, I have a conviction that the reason for being on earth is to fulfill God's purpose to bring about the perfection and immortality of mankind. We can onlly progress eternally by having an earthly experience which gives us the opportunity to choose good or not so good or possibly, evil. Whenever we choose good, we grow in a positive way. The best way to continue to grow and progress is by living life in families. Bringing children into the world is the only way to give that person an opportunity to have their experience on earth and continue to progress under the loving guidance and nurturing of a parent. So, for me, the decision about having children is partly a personal decision about whether or not I want to participate with God in helping at least my children and myself in an eternal sense.

You can see why the LDS Church is against sanctioning gay marriage. Two men, or two women cannot help create and give life to a child. It frustrates the purpose of living on earth.

Love you,


Pritha Lal

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