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A New Paradigm in Education

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Being in teaching profession for more than a decade, I have come across various types of learners-those with different languages and cultures, different homes and family lives, different interests and ways of learning and those with disabilities .Over the years,I have realized that persons with disability have to be a part of mainstream process and are not to be treated as special or different. Everyone in some way or the other is disabled temporarily or permanently, physically or mentally and in our social set up we are all adjusting with each other’s disabilities or deficiencies.
Disability is a deficiency or a problem to be adjusted with and to find ways to work around it. Making sure that each and every learner is welcome and his unique need and learning style is attended to is called Inclusion. Inclusive classroom strategies have to be multipronged, repetitive and innovative.
The teacher has to use both the audio and the video tools to reach out to them. The comfortable cocoon of the text may be replaced by drawing, dance, talking, sketching, by working together and discussions. The pattern of normalization is not in the inclusion of the disabled students in a non disabled class but vice versa because the benefits of this new method of learning and the ne pattern of the class put the non disabled to as much advantage as the disabled one in an inclusive classroom.
Typical children who grow up in inclusive classrooms learn that disability is nothing to be afraid of. They learn that people may look different ,yet can still be their friends.

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Nicely written Priyadarshini. I agree to what your said about not separating kids with some kind of disabilities...but do you think that with the teachers..most of whom are already so burdened with the academics of today ( esp in a class of 35-40 students ) would be able to do justice to these students who obviously need much more patience & care?


Innovative teaching methods

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Yes,Maitreyee these children need much more patience and care.Hence the teaching methods have to be multi pronged,repetitive and innovative in which multiple programmes will have to be used to meet the urgencies of different disabilities.The teacher has to use both audio and video tools to reach out to them.There is a need for new techniques for transaction in classroom in place of traditional concepts of reading and writing,exams and time frames.


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