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Press Release – Walia & Peerally LLP New York Office

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February 25, 2011 – Shah Peerally Law Group PC and Harjot “Ginny” Walia, Attorney at Law are proud to announce the launch of their New York office in partnership with each other.
Attorney Harjot “Ginny” Walia has a thriving criminal and immigration practice in the State of California. She is licensed to practice law in the States of California and New York. She has commented as an expert legal analyst on major news channels such as Fox News, MSNBC on shows such as O’Reilly Factor, Scarborough Country, Studio B and Closing Arguments with Nancy Grace. ( )
Shah Peerally Law Group, PC is one of the leading law firms in the state of California having handled more than a 1000 immigration cases. ( Shah Peerally has been featured as an expert regarding headliner immigration cases on major international networks such as Times Now, Sitaarre TV and NDTV. He was also featured in several local and international newspapers such as San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, US Fiji Times, Pravasi Today, Movers and Shakers, All Voices, and India Abroad.
Now, the two powerhouse attorneys bring their talent and experience together to form “Walia and Peerally, LLP” In the spirit of helping communities with their immigration needs, the leading Immigration lawyers, Shah Peerally and Harjot “Ginny” Waila will be offering all types of immigration related services on the east coast. Attorney Harjot “Ginny” Walia has her main office in the city of Hayward and maintains a presence in various San Francisco Bay Area cities. Attorney Shah Peerally has his main office in Newark, California. Walia and Peerally, LLP will be located in New York, NY.
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