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Rahman's Composition For CWG - Is It Upto The Mark?

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The last minute preparations for the Commonwealth Games 2010 are on. Last week the Anthem for the games was released. The theme song "Jiyo Utho Baado Jeeto" is composed by none other than the legendary A.R Rahman. Infact the composer even claimed that his composition would be something catchy and beter than Shakira's Waka Waka, the theme song for FIFA 2010.

Some Facts : Rahman took nearly about six months to complete the song and charged a whopping amount of Rs. 5.5 crores for it's making. He dedicated this song to Mahatma Gandhi.

But when you listen to Rahman's composition, do you think it will have the same effect  as Shakira's Waka Waka to boost the spirit of the Commonwealth Games? do you think he has delivered what he promised?

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This song would simply rock

This song would simply rock the world.

Rahman Phase 2 is a ball of hype

Rahman's best work was in Rangeela or even Dil Se. Starving artists work for free in the initial stages often producing their best works to get noticed. Once they are on a roll it is churning out projects to meet deadlines, and payback time. 5 crores for this mediocre chanting, I dont get it.
Ever since being anointed by the Oscar Gods with another mediocre number, Jai Ho the desis are going crazy over a talent that was in its peak a decade earlier. I guess until firangis bless homeboys their values do not shoot up. Good ole Bappi Lahiri and RD Burman compositions are far better than what this Mozart is churning out these days. I would not download this tune for free and waste my Ipod space.

Well said!

100% agreed!

u r pigheaded

even shakira waka waka was criticised earlier. rahman compositions pick up slowly and steadily than so called geniuses like pritam.sometime tendulkar is out for duck and amitabh deliver flops.

This song isnt catchy as his

This song isnt catchy as his rest songs..Didnt like it

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