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Salman Says :I’d kick Hrithik’s a**!!

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Well Salman says he could’ve succeeded in doing this if he would have learnt break dancing and reveals that dancing in Wanted was quite difficult.
Salman says, “Doing one step took 15 days.But I used to dance a lot, I even entered dance competitions in discotheques till I came of age and realised that to look cool I only needed to stand against pillars! I didn’t know then that if I’d learned breakdancing, I’d kick Hrithik’s a** today!”

Shifting his focus on preparing for a role, Salman says, “I don’t think anybody prepares for a role.Maybe Aamir trained his body for one scene in Ghajini and Shah Rukh did that for a song in Om Shanti Om… but I feel if you walk like the character in the film, and you can talk like him, then you’re set. I get that feeling with this role. It’s that kind of film. We need heroes. It’s time for people to stand up against all odds. That’s what this character does.”
“The action is different.I have not had body doubles, and cables have been used in only one or two scenes. It’s not action for the sake of action. The emotion here is at a different plane. This is not a body-body kind of action film. The man’s fight is not from the body, but from his heart. The strength comes from within. He’s like a Parsi, if he believes in something, he has the strength to take on the whole nation!”
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