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The Style Diary - Winter Love

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Winter Love!
What do you like the most about winter? Staying lazy in your warm bed or a steaming hot shower? Fresh snow or bonfire nights? A mug full of coffee or hot chocolate? Oh! And don’t forget about hot toddies, Irish coffees, spiked apple cider, mulled wine? Also the feeling of being free to pack on some extra pounds as that will be hidden under your layers of clothing.. ;) My list is huge!

Now let’s think a little about getting out of the bed and dressing up. I know all we want do is just wear layers and layers of clothes with cozy sweaters and sweatpants but hey?! That doesn’t mean that we have to dress boring You still have winter accessories to stay stylish. So what comes to your mind now.. coat? scarves? boots? gloves? For me its pretty much all of it and here is an outfit showcasing my love for them all. I feel black and beige is a great combination for winters. You can put them together either as a dress or as a jeans&sweater combo. Wear your boots with a thick woolen scarf (Patterned scarves are my personal favorite ) and you are all set to go. Do let me know what’s your favorite thing about winter? 



  • Jackuard-knit Tube scarf from ‘H&M’ 
  • Woolen Coat from 'H&M’ 
  • Plain black dress from 'American Apparel’
  • Boots from 'Easy Spirit' 


About the Author : Hi everyone! I am Nisha, engineer by profession, living in San Francisco with my loving husband and a darling daughter. Outside my world of algorithms, I enjoy dressing up, trying new trends, experimenting with looks in front and behind the camera, traveling to new places and exploring different kinds of food. I believe in making the most out of every single day. Blogging is the fun part of my life that helps me connect to that girl inside me who always lived,breathed and dreamt fashion right from childhood. My blog is all about staying stylish in day to day life while still keeping it simple, comfortable and pragmatic.Welcome to my style diary and ‘Look Good Feel Good’ :)
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