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Tête-â-Tête: I am Black

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The densest darkness of the Universe enjoys the role of my parents while humans jostled around for naming me. My identity is not only trapped within my monosyllabic name but also resides with the title of MISFORTUNE thrusted upon me. Captivated by my beauty, God used me in his paint brush to spruce up a few felines and canines. Unbeknownst to them, theytoo shared the burden of my title and scourged God for showering love onto me. Humans toocloaked themselves in my shroud to parade their saddened soul. They say I signify death. I embellish distress. I unwrap woe for them. They ostracise me publicly yet they desire for me secretly. I inhabit their hearts as an unrevealed lover. Am I really debauched?

When the last rays of the sun kiss the earth a gentle goodbye, I incarcerate that boundless azure blue sky. The chiselled moon what gives life to amorous thoughts is after all a breathless chunk of rock floating in the sky. It is not the refulgent sunlight but my duskiness that accentuates the moon’s beauty. My bosom in the sky lends beauty to the starry cavalcade. Your dreams remain untrammelled when I ensconce your sleep. I adorn your admiration when you secretly gloss over me while selecting a gown or a hand bag. You might snub me on festive occasions, still I remain the favourite in your wardrobe. I am your penchant for titivating those beautiful eyes. Even though grey hair complements your wrinkled skin, you pounce on me to remain youthful. Your eyes are enraptured by the dusky beauty walking on the ramp. Are my words inapposite? If I am your resort to look beautiful, then how could I connote a curse? If your grandma used me to protect you from aspersions,then how could I bring you bad luck? I sometimes feel humoured by the farcical nature of humans.

I am Black. I am beautiful. I am precious. I am no more nonplussed. My existence is indeed essential. Light prevails because darkness exists. Light gains importance because you decline my significance. I am not a sign of culmination. I am the birth of a new beginning. There is an aeonian bond between goodness and badness, happiness and sadness, brightness and darkness. None of them are appreciated without acknowledging the other. You cherish goodness only when evil stings you. You recognise happiness only if you had once stood on the sword of sadness. You embrace brightness once you cross the threshold of darkness.


About the Column:  Nature’s serenity and splendour, its uncommunicativeness amidst this deafening world, the intricacies of human emotions that I come across, the nitty-gritty of every relationship I stumble upon and my incessant battle within to explore myself always give birth to an avalanche of thoughts in my prolific mind. Sometimes I construct a story while at times stories construct me. Each story I pen down serves as a growth hormone for my creative mind. Every creation of mine is different from the other still I leave a bit of me in them. This column "Tête-â- Tête"  unbridles my perceptions towards relations, my rendezvous with a myriad of emotions, and my encounter with life to the world.

About the Author:  A microbiologist by qualification, Atrayee Bhattacharya has served as a researcher in CCMB, Hyderabad, India and an educator in a CBSE school. Presently, she is associated with a group of educators preparing students for research aptitude. She is a trained dancer, finds peace in penning down her thoughts, a good singer though not trained and wants to visit Rome someday.

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