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Three Best Photography Blogs That Everyone Needs to Read

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Three Best Photography Blogs That Everyone Needs to Read


Photography is something that is liked by all. It is one of the best forms of creative expression. This art form is gaining ground and is now seriously taken up by creative people and photo enthusiasts as an interesting profession. We have come across this important saying that pen is mightier than sword when it is used to produce powerful words; in the same way pictures are a powerful medium which instantly impresses on our mind.

They can be informative, amazing, surprising, shocking, amusing, and at the same time beautiful in their description. If you are imaginative, like being creative, have an eye for aesthetic detail and do not like getting confined to a boring work schedule of 10a.m-5p.m.; think about photography as an alternative solution. Mark my words this will give you immense happiness and the chance to play with your imagination.

If you are really stirred by my message and have prepared your mind to begin your journey in the world of photography first go through some good articles that will enlighten you about this subject. Read through them and you are bound to get enchanted with the beautiful and at times surprising world of photography. The technological world has opened its doors for photography loving people by offering all sorts of information like history of photography, uses of camera, technical details, new age photography and many more interesting things associated with it. They are a lot different in their contents and are bound to make even a beginner start trying with visuals, colour, light, etc. The internet is flooded with many blogs written on photography and these are a great help to those who wants to learn from home.

A few such blogs need special mention for their amazing details, contents and research on photography.
• The Travel Photographer is a very popular blog that focuses on travel, editorial and documentary photography.
• 100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals by Josh Johnson.
• Blog of Leena Kejriwal: Famous Artist and photographer Leena Kejriwal shares her domain expertise in her website Do check it out.

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