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What's Hot This Season?

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  Mumbai's much happening fashion festival, HDIL India Couture Week, concluded recently. The five-day-long event had renowned designers like Manish Malhotra, Shahab Durazi, Karan Johar, Varun Bahl and others showcasing their collections. Here are some trends the top designers introduced in the Indian fashion scene... 
Trends keep changing every now and then and fashion festivals keeps us updating about what's in and what's out. HDIL India Couture Week had a lot to offer and here we bring you some of the hottest trends that will rule this season.

Sari Gowns

The elegant six yards gets a stylish makeover now as more and more designers are opting for gowns inspired from saris. Sari gowns are a deceptive garment that comes with an in-built choli and it's light and flowing.

Designer Ayesha Depala showcased some very beautiful light coloured sari gowns and fashionistas instantly fell in love with her collection. Sari gowns are totally red-carpet friendly because they are elegant, chic and look classic.

Gowns already considered as the most stylish outfit looks much more beautiful when it's inspired from saris. More and more designers are experimenting with saris and prominent names from Bollywood have already filled their wardrobe with their favourite picks.

Jodhpur Pants

Designer Arjun Khanna's models and the designer himself were seen wearing Jodhpur pants on the ramp. The pants that derive its name from Jodhpur city, Rajasthan were considered royal but now it's no more limited to the colourful state.

Designers have effectively experimented with them and have taken to the ramps of Paris too. They are loose till the knee and taper down to ankles giving them a very unconventional yet suave look. Every fashion conscious person must have a pair of these trousers.


This old traditional jewellery is back in vogue. Jewellery designers are making a point to showcase at least a couple of these stylish pieces on the ramp. Chokers are short, neck-hugging necklaces, usually fourteen to sixteen inches long. These days diamond and semi precious stone chokers are in trend and most brides are opting for it rather going for a traditional long necklace.

Chokers are a must have for every woman as they look fabulous on every neck. Slimmer ladies with long neck should opt for heavy pones while plump woman with short necks should go for a narrow choker with a pendant to add the illusion of length.

Palazzo Pants

Designer Shahab Durazi showcased a line of wide legged palazzo pants that clearly indicates that the trend is back in vogue.

Back in seventies, palazzo pants were a big craze but soon it's going to make a comeback in a big and better way. Printed palazzos will soon make a grand entry in fashion world.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

The hemline is the most variable style line in fashion that can be experimented with. A simple dress with a stylish hemline makes the outfit look chic and elegant. A designer can play with hemlines and this is exactly we get to see on ramp these days.

Asymmetrical hemlines work best for the Indian body type as it makes the body look taller. Almost everyone can carry off these hemlines and for sure this trend is here to stay for very long. 
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