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Yummy Strawberry Beauty Benefits

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 Strawberry seems to be the fruit of the month; the goodness of this fruit enhances beauty in a sensual and charming manner. It is a quick fruity fix to all beauty needs!  
  Strawberries contain a range of farm fresh goodness in the red colour. The bright and heart-shaped fruit does wonders to teeth and skin. Besides an efficient skincare line, this is the best anti-ageing ingredient. There come numerous cosmetics and other products made from fresh strawberries to make the skin glow supple and soft.

It's a natural exfoliant that takes care of flaky dead cells on top of the skin. The salicylic acid in it makes a good combatant for acne and black heads. Moreover, the antiseptic and skin lighting properties makes it a star for the skin. A strawberry skin mask made by mashing-up few strawberries to a pulp is the best skin remedy.

Elena, Kolkata based beauty expert says, "There is nothing like the freshly picked strawberries. The fragrance is so enjoyable that it soothes the skin and is best suited for dry skin. I am very fond of strawberry pulp for the reason that it gives a feminine feel and nourishes skin instantly."

Rupa Ghosh, expert from L'Oreal Spa Centre states, "Strawberry is a symbol of sensuality and beauty due to the concentration of Vitamin C and other antioxidants. This very ready fruit is widely used ingredient in cosmetics especially acne creams and night masks. I always recommend the beauty conscious with strawberry body wash for its fantastic shower ally, and rich and creamy nature. A luscious face mask from chopped strawberries, cream and rose water repairs the skin from breakouts. The Body Shop is one brand that deals with a wide variety of cosmetics made from farm fresh strawberries."

She adds, "Strawberry filled lips make just the perfect pout. A perfect sensual and feminine lips are made by strawberry based lip-gloss, lip-gel and lip-glitter."

Nitin Manchanda, Ask Manager, Schwarzkopf Professional says, "Strawberry is something that gives a feminine and sexy feel to beauty. Our recently launched 'Seah' hair spa has this sensual essence. The product gives a fresh fragrance and is well suited for dry hair. Moreover, strawberry enhances the beauty in all the ways from cosmetics to lotion to cream to spa to oil and lots more."

Dibyendu Das, Director, Tinsel Town, Kolkata, shares, "Strawberry is something that is well blended with either of the beauty treatments be it facial, hair care, body spa, body massage and much more. We deal with freshly crushed strawberry massage which makes the body feel soft and supple. Also, the strawberry facial gives a fresh look."

He adds, "People find it interesting because it has a bright red colour and smells sweet. A strawberry colour lip colour or nail paint shade is also in high demand for its rich colour shade. It gives a bright, bold and colourful." 
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